5 puppies 3.25.14Jack just couldn’t hold back and he told his Facebook friends about the names of my puppies.  He may not have made it all very clear.  You see, the lady is really the one who handles the naming scheme.  And this year, she was talking about someone named Oscar and that the names had something to do with him.

Ashton won the contest and she got to name one of my puppies.  I guess Ashton knows Oscar too, because Jack and the lady loved her choice of Bond.  The rest were up to the lady – although she runs them all past Jack as well.

They were both excited about the name for my biggest puppy – Duke.  I guess Duke must have spent some time with Oscar.  And then, they quickly added Clint.  Jack said something about Clint and someone named Harry.  The lady laughed and mentioned Gran Torino, wherever that is.  There was a great deal of discussion about my last little boy.  Finally, the lady settled on Bob.  She and Jack both agreed that he was a good horseman.  And somehow, that meant it was a good name for my puppy.

Last of course, was my little girl, my beautiful little girl.  She was really the first one the lady named.  And Jack quickly agreed with a smile.  My baby girl is named Grace.

By the way, my humans put collars on my babies when they get to 2 pounds.  So far, Duke, Bond and Bob have their collars.  Clint will likely get his tomorrow.  And sweet Grace?  Surely before the weekend.