Compliments of Three Cedars Retrievers


Dove breasts or any other game bird breastcut into nugget size
½ cup White vinegar
2 tbls Salt
1 bottle Italian salad dressing
Seasoned bread crumbs
Shredded Parmesan or Asiago cheese
Olive oil
1 jar Spaghetti sauce
1 pinch Red pepper flakes


1)    Combine breads crumbs and cheese in equal portions and set aside.

2)    In a large bowl, combine salt and vinegar to make brine solution. Add game bird nuggets and then add sufficient cold water to cover. Allow meat to brine for 10 minutes then drain.

3)    Pour bottle of Italian dressing over drained meat nuggets and toss so meat is evenly coated with dressing.

4)    Coat nuggets with crumb/cheese mix prepared earlier.

*** At this point you can layer the nuggets between sheets of wax paper and freeze for later use or continue to next step.***

5)    Heat enough olive oil to coat bottom of frying pan. Brown coated nuggets on each side until cooked through.

6)    Combine spaghetti sauce and a pinch of red pepper flakes. Serve this at room temperature as a “dip” for your nuggets.