Hawk @ 9 months - 82.6 lbs.

Hawk @ 9 months – 82.6 lbs.

Hawk was the largest male reported at 9 months. His 82.6 pounds just edged out Ron. HAwk is a very tall, lean and athletic puppy. He needs to be in order to keep up with his owners who are avid runners and hikers. Even though Hawk is not in a hunting role he certainly gets his fair share of back woods time. Notice his “Bear Bell”?


MOONLIGHT HAWK OF THREE CEDARS @ 6 months and 64.2 pounds

MOONLIGHT HAWK OF THREE CEDARS @ 6 months and 64.2 pounds

Previous: Hawk lives with an active outdoor family. Even though he spends his week days in New York City he gets lots of outdoor time on the weekends.  Below is a short tale from Tomek, the male half of Hawk’s new family. And Tomek, better get used to the boo-boos. Hawk looks like his Dad and you can expect him to get into lots of stuff because he will be fearless. Wait until he meets his first porcupine!

Tomek: “You can find one photo from Saturday’s park visit (Corona Park in Queens), and five shots from Harriman Park (Upstate NY) trails which we were traveling on Sunday. Hawk was equipped with blinking light and my backpacking bear bell so he did catch entire attention of few passing hiking enthusiasts. Going more into the details, we did close to 7 miles or rather I did 7 miles, because Mr. Everywhere possibly double this distance with easy. He was roaming the forest within 20-40ft distance mostly in the front quarter. Interesting was how he was following the trail – natural instinct of ‘born to be wild’ – he becomes great hiking companion for me. Moment he sees me stopped (mostly to take photo), he was waiting 5-10 second and if I didn’t move by that time, he was coming back to sit next to me. No need to call him at all, even when dogs were passing. To complete the image I need to say that weather was wet (lot of condensation from trees and melting snow) and misty (very misty in few spots), but on warmer side (37-44F). Hawk didn’t miss any opportunity to splash himself (and me, time to time) in the streams we were passing (as father as son – please scratch Mas behind the ear).

Hawk-4 1.15.13Hawk-3 1.15.13During this trip we had ‘first blood’ accident. Because of the rough snow and lot of melting ice, I was monitoring his paws, but didn’t realize that he lost 1/4 inch skin from his right hindquarter (2 inches above hock on front side, there was no cut into the flesh just shaved top layer of skin with fur). I discover it after we get back to the car. At that point wound was very clean and already dried, so I didn’t apply any ointment or medication (I already have dog’s meds in my backpacking first aid kit). I’ll be watching it closely but I don’t think it will create any further problems. At home, I analyze the pictures and videos taken that day and I realized that he took this injury right in the beginning of this hike. It surprised me that I didn’t notice any of his squeaks and he was not limping at all (as I mention I was watching any signs of limping) – hardy dog!”

PREVIOUS:  Moonlight Hawk of Three Cedars 8/26/2012

Hawk has become one of the very steady puppies in this litter. He is usually one of the puppies who goes exploring on each trip outside and we have to search for him when it is time to come in.




It is kind of fun to watch Hawk, Rock and Ron play tug-of-war with a dog towel. They are the three largest puppies and pretty evenly matched. When you get a three way tug going on they end up dragging each other all over the yard.


Here are a couple of additional Hawk pics from 8/26/2012













PREVIOUS: Hawk was the last puppy to be born. He actually arrived at 12:38 AM on July 8th. He was the only puppy not born on the 7th. Hawk was 0.82 pounds at birth, which put him right right in the middle of the puppy birth weight chart. He has not remained in the middle of the pack weight wise. At our 4 week weigh-in on August 5th Hawk was the 2nd heaviest boy and 3rd heaviest overall.


Although all of the puppies are very light colored like Babe, Hawk is beginning to standout as more white than most of the rest of the puppies. He has much less tan on his face than any of the other puppies. It will be interesting to watch and see if his coloring continues to move toward all white.



If you are interested in learning more about Hawk or any of our puppies, I invite you to browse other pages on this website. On the sire and dam pages you will find links to the parents pedigrees and health certificates. You should also look at our Reservation, Guarantee and Application pages. Please contact us if you have any questions about our puppies.


Hawk is no longer available. He will become our urban link when he moves to his new home in the big city. Watch out NY, better get ready for Moonlight Hawk Of Three Cedars.