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Call Name: Gin

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Three Cedars Gin & Tonic  For Babe, call name GIN is owned by my son and his wife. She is one of 5 females from the first Mas/Babe litter. Gin, like several of her sisters, is a high performer, Socks – K9 explosives detection and Tess and Dash – Top performing upland hunters. Gin was selected for breeding to continue to refine and enhance the Three Cedars line. Socks and Tess have also been bred by their respective owners.

Since Gin lives every day with my son I asked him to tell us about her. Here is what he had to say.
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“Gin is a small/medium sized female Lab at 62 pounds. She is an extremely athletic, capable,  lean, loyal, and beautifully colored.  She eagerly accepts training and has developed into a wonderfully well rounded dog.”

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“Her drive and abilities make her a great partner in the field.  Gin has developed a never-say-die attitude – and will hunt hard for as long as I ask her to.  I have never lost a bird shot over her.  She never takes a day off from training, and always relishes an opportunity to work.  She will dutifully retrieve anything I ask her to (bumpers, balls, dokkens, doves, pheasant, squirrels, crows, TV remotes, etc.) “

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“When field work is completed  her laid back side comes out. Whether hanging out on the couch in the house, traveling for work, or staying in the office, she’s as calm and loving as can be.  Her daily routine includes making visits to everybody in the office, participating in morning meetings with the production staff, and looking for any opportunity to get some love from her extended “work family”.  She’ll never turn down an opportunity for belly rubs, enjoys Saturday morning snuggles in bed, and loves to curl up on the couch while we’re watching movies.  My company was nice enough to grant her maternity leave, but she has been missed!”

Gin plus 8 4.30.16

“Thus far, she has proven to be a great mother to her first litter.  All of her puppies are doing well, which I attribute to her consistent attention and care.

Overall, Gin is a fantastic dog!”


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DOB 7/07/2012
Weight 62 lbs.
AKC # SR72491609
CHIC#  Pending
OFA # HIPS GOOD – LR-217511G39F-PI
OFA # ELBOWS Normal – LR-EL70188F39-PI
CERF Normal – LR-EYE8836/40F-PI
CNM Clear by parentage
EIC Carrier


Gin @ 9 months 58.9 lbs.

Gin @ 9 months 58.9 lbs.

Previous: Gin’s life with my son (John) and his wife (Christina) has been very busy lately. They recently moved from Florida to Virginia! John has taken over all of Gin’s training and is doing a great job getting her ready to join him (and me!) in the fields this fall. Like her Dad, Gin gets to go to work with John most days so she gets lots of “training time”.


THREE CEDARS GIN AND TONIC FOR BABE @ 6 months and 49.6 pounds

THREE CEDARS GIN AND TONIC FOR BABE @ 6 months and 49.6 pounds


Previous: Gin did not have a page before 1.16.13 due to the fact that she was designated to go to our son and his wife very early on. Now that she has returned to 3CR for some training I want to add her to our photo family.

Gin at work 10.2012 A





Gin is the “wild child” from her litter. She has more energy than any other two puppies combined. Gin has been living in Florida and spending time with my son John when he works in Virginia. Gin, like her dad, is a daily ride along work buddy. She travels in with John in his truck and spends time in his office and even stays in his hotel room at night. LUCKY DOG!

Gin in truck 10.21.12