Babe plus 10 6.6.15

Babe: No matter what portion of the animal kingdom they come from, wise mothers understand that sometimes, they need help.  For me, having my final set of puppies was the time for me to get some help.  Jack was a wonderful human comfort and he kept me in ice cubes while we waited for my puppies.  He was on his own because the lady was gone away to take care of those human puppies named Katie, John and Sarah.

Jack loves me and takes very good care of me, but let’s face it: he’s never actually given birth to puppies, not even human ones.  Jack is also very smart.  He knows when to call Dr. Connie.  He took me to see her on Saturday morning and I knew right away, he’d found me the help I needed.  She did a little of this and a little of that.  She told Jack that she would take my puppies out of my belly for me.  She also told him that he would be able to help.  That was a good thing.  I trust Jack as much as I trust Dr. Connie.

Pretty soon, Dr. Connie and her helpers Amanda, Krista and Cammie helped me go to sleep.  In a little bit, I woke up and there were all my sweet little puppies.  All I had to do was give them their mommy baths and let them keep eating.  The humans had given them baths but of course, I’m the mama.  I’m the one who knows best what my babies need.

Jack brought us home and we settled into our whelping box.  The lady came home and then Jack could get some rest.  The lady knows just where to rub my head to make me relax.  And she understands what it’s like to have puppies of her own – even though her human puppies only have two legs.