Ron March 2015 SAG


Call Name: Ron

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Ron is the perfect blend of his sire and dam we hoped for when we decided to enter the breeding world. He got all of the best from his sire, Mas. Drive, energy, great nose and intelligence. He also got all of the best from his dam,  Babe. Personality, manners and a strong desire to please.  Ron is a heavily muscled male with incredible stamina and energy in the field. He weighs in at 89 pounds. His large head and frame allow him to easily pick up and carry even the largest game birds and waterfowl. Like his Mom, Ron is also a situational pointing Lab. 
Ron Feb 2015 WCP B
I was not planning to keep a male from our first Mas/Babe litter so Ron, the dog,  was originally destined to go to my best hunting buddy Ron Lazur. Ron, the human, had told me he wanted the largest male puppy from the first Mas/Babe litter. Unfortunately Ron Lazur passed away shortly before the puppies were born and I decided to keep the big puppy and name him after my departed friend. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Ron, the dog, is just as much my best hunting buddy as Ron, the human, had been. He is just a delight to be around.
Ron Feb 2015 WCP
Ron works with me in the 3CR guiding service where he is usually the hunters favorite. Over the past three years he has pointed, flushed and retrieved well over 3000 upland birds for our clients.

In the off-season Ron has earned some NAHRA titles and recognition.

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SR Title Certificate

HR Title Certificate

Hunter Brass Band Award

Regional Started Invitation

Regional Hunter Invitation


Ron is EXACTLY why we created Three Cedars Retrievers and started a breeding program.

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DOB 7/07/2012
Weight 89 lbs.
AKC # SR73491604
CHIC# pending
OFA # ELBOWS Normal – LR-EL64380M25-VPI
CERF Normal – LR-EYE126/3M-VPI
CNM Clear by parentage
EIC Clear