Gauge @ 9 months 74.1 lbs.

Gauge @ 9 months 74.1 lbs.

Gauge hit the owner lottery. Gauge stayed with us for 8 1/2 months while his new owner completed his tour of duty in Afghanistan and Gauge completed basic obedience, conditioned retrieve and all of the “started dog” training. Gauge’s new boss, Bryan, is a US Marine Gunnery Sargent who is also an AVID duck hunter and outdoorsman and he wanted to have his new buddy ready to go hunting by the Fall of 2013. We took care of the basics and Bryan has now assumed all of Gauge’s training. Based on the videos and photos Bryan sends me He and Gauge spend a lot of time training, fishing and just hanging out. He’s a “Lucky Dog!”.


Gauge and the new boat!

Gauge and the new boat!

Previous: Gauge is becoming a tall lean dog. His body style and his short coat is very much like his Dad. I suspect he will be a near mirror image of Mas by the time he hits the one year mark. One contrast though is the dark nose and eyes edges, where Mas is brown Gauge is almost coal black. It really makes a striking appearance.Gauge @ 6 months January 7, 2013

Gauge is one of the puppies that has remained with us for training. He along with Tess, Ron, Dash and Gin have all entered the conditioned retrieve portion of their training. Twice a day for about 30 minutes each session, we work on the training table. Gauge has excelled at the fetch and hold portion of the training. He will sit calmly and hold the training dowel for 5 minutes. He is progressing to the stage where he will begin to move back and forth on the table to retrieve the dowel on the fetch command. Eventually we will add in a hand signal to lay the foundation for future training on hand signals. In addition to the retrieve portion of the table training we also mix in long sits, up to 22 minutes now, the low “place” board and sitting while other activity is going on around the puppy.

11.18.12 gauge with rooster

11.18.12 gauge hunting the sorgum











PREVIOUS: Introducing Gauge. Of course that is the name we call him. When he finds new owners they will give him his permanent name.

Gauge has cemented his position as the calmest puppy in this litter. He is very consistent with his manners and is quickly becoming one of our favorites. He is easily engaged in play with toys and the other puppies. He accepts being held better than most of the puppies. In fact, he seems to seek out opportunities to be the “lap puppy”.


These three new photos were taken 8/24 when Gauge was 6 weeks and 5 days old. He is turning into a handsome puppy. His coat has remained very light in color and the beige markings on his face and back have remained very light too. Gauge is currently just over 10 pounds in weight. He is healthy, happy and looking for his new home.



PREVIOUS: Gauge made his first trip into the great outdoors earlier today and he seemed to respond very well to the new stimuli. He readily moved around in the grass and he is very curious about new things. He was not timid at all about moving around and exploring. He seemed to have a ball just rolling over and scratching his back on the grass.

Gauge, along with his 4 brothers and 5 sisters, was born on the night of July 7th, 2012. He was actually born at 9:55 PM and was the 9th puppy that Babe delivered. He weighed just under 1 pound at birth.

If you look at other pages on this website you will be able to find all of the pedigree and health information for Gauge’s parents and get a good look at them so you have an idea what Gauge should look like when he grows up. Gauge, like all of the puppies in this litter is leaning towards the lighter coloring of his mother. It is too soon to judge his size but it is reasonable to expect him to be in the 75 to 85 pound range like his dad.

If you keep an eye on this page I will be updating the photos and dialog as Gauge’s personality continues to develop.

Gauge is available for reservation now and will be ready for pickup approximately September 1st.. He is valued at $1200.00. Please see our Application, Reservation and Guarantee pages if you are interested in purchasing Gauge or one of his brothers or sisters.

Gauge is no longer available. His sale is pending to a US Marine currently in Afghanistan. We will keep him in our prayers for a safe return.