Nuvet Plus Reviews

Once again it is Mas’ fault. Mas led me to create Three Cedars Retrievers and to begin a career as a hunting guide well past my 50th birthday. He has also forced me to become a believer in dietary supplements…at least for the canines in our household. Mas, Babe and all of their puppies are extremely athletic dogs. With this athleticism comes the kinds of injuries, strains and soreness that all athletes, canine and human, are prone to. Our dogs run hard almost every day all year long either working for our clients or training to improve the skills needed to be the top performers in the upland fields. All of this work means that they get a lot more wear and tear than your average couch potato dog. We feed only top quality foods, but I recognized a need for more in their nutrition.Nuvet Plus Supplements

After looking at many of the different supplements available we settled on NuVet about 2 years ago and have been completely pleased with that decision. Mas has been getting a daily NuVet Plus wafer for over two years now and Babe and the rest of our dogs are approaching their first year on the wafers. They have all benefited from the addition of the NuVet Plus wafer to their diets. Their coats are beautiful and virtually maintenance free. We see very little of the pesky illnesses you normally see with dogs. Babe, who had a severe loss of coat after litter #2, has regrown the thickest coat of her life. Dash who has had “weepy” eyes since a very young age has almost completely lost the tear stains. Mas has been the biggest beneficiary from NuVet. He not only gets his daily NuVet Plus wafers he is also getting the NuJointDS wafers. Mas had a severe shoulder injury (torn bicep tendon) when he was 2 years old and he is one of the unlucky dogs where the lyme disease vaccine did not work so he also contracted lyme disease at age 4. Treatment for both of these maladies was successful but if left him with the occasional limp after a hard workout. The addition of NuJointDS wafers to his diet along with the NuVet Plus wafers has eliminated the limping, soreness and stiffness we attributed to his injury and the lyme disease. We work our dogs hard and we feel that they earn the best nutrition we can find for them. I believe the NuVet products are a critical part of our nutrition plan.


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