There is no shortage of strong opinions about the best color for a Labrador. I know many Lab people who back their color choice with very strong emotions and maybe some long held prejudices. We use a little more scientific reasoning behind our color selection. Since dove hunting is my favorite pastime our dogs spend more time in the dove fields than any other venue. Since this is often done in the heat of early September I have found that lighter color dogs handle the heat better. We will not be exclusively selling Yellows but we will consistently lean in that direction. In fact, I plan to work our breeding towards “whiter” dogs if I can do so without sacrificing our primary goals of versatility and personality. If and when I find a Black or a Chocolate that exhibits the traits we want I will gladly add those genes to our line.

Keep in mind Labs come in three colors Yellow, Black and Chocolate. Anything else you see advertised is like “chocolate diamonds” it is just marketing; taking what was formerly considered a flaw and attempting to make it valuable through advertising. You must ask the question “Was anything other than color considered?” before the sire and dam were selected.