Call Name: Mas (pronounced “Moss”)

July 27, 2013: Mas successfully completed his 5th NAHRA Senior pass and officially retired from NAHRA testing with his Master Hunting Retriever Title. Next up for Mas is UFTA (United Field Trialers Association) and NBDC (National Bird Dog Circuit) tournaments.
Previous: Mas completed the 4th and final leg of his NAHRA Master Hunter Retriever Title on Sunday July 14, 2013. The test was hosted by the Yankee Waterfowlers Hunting Retriever Club in Woodstock, CT.
Previous: Mas completed the 2012/13 hunting season with yet another PERFECT record. He was responsible for retrieving 542 shot birds this past season. That is 542 retrieves out of 542 shot and dropped. Yes 100% AGAIN. 4th season in a row. Mas also has added 3 NAHRA Senior passes and needs only one more to complete his NAHRA Master Hunter Retriever Title (MHR).
Previous: Mas is the archetype of the dogs we are trying to offer. He will attempt anything I ask of him. He is a hunting machine AND my everyday companion. He is the consummate “guys dog”. His pedigree shows a long history of successful field dogs and he is continuing that success.

Mas is a very lean, tall, long legged dog with well defined muscle and a relatively tight yellow coat. His large blocky head and mouth allow him to easily carry even the largest game birds or any crazy thing I might ask. His drive in the field and his desire to retrieve are incredible. He never gives up on a retrieve. In fact, in his three years of hunting so far we have never lost a downed bird of any species. He has the stamina to hunt all day, everyday and has proven this on numerous trips to the Michigan Upper Peninsula to hunt grouse and woodcock. Mas is unaffected by weather, terrain and cover. He enthusiastically breaks ice in the winter, digs birds out of the nastiest jaggers and hides with us in the shade on 90 degree dove hunts. He is so intelligent that he will adapt his brushing (quartering) distance based on the skills of the hunters. Rarely does he flush a bird straight away from his hunters. He almost always works around the bird so it flushes sideways or back towards the hunters presenting the best shot opportunities. In the past I thought this was accidental but after watching him do it hundreds of times I realize it is intentional on his part. Mas has the confidence and independence to perform incredibly long blind retrieves and easily handles complicated multiple marks.

Mas is truly a hunting partner. In the field he responds instantly to commands and is easy to control.  It’s really fun to watch Mas work stocked pheasants and chukars. He really “thinks” his way through a field, using his brain and eyes, as well as his nose. Several of our guide service clients have commented that “Mas doesn’t hunt fields, he vacuums them”. We expect all of our dogs to pick up anything we ask of them. Mas is once again a prime example. He has picked up almost every kind of upland bird and waterfowl you can legally hunt  in Pennsylvania as well as chukars, crows, chickens, rabbits, squirrels and we even send him on long blinds to pick up rifle shot ground hogs. Once we sent him to pick up a sandwich bag that got blown out of the truck.

John.Christina 3.30.13

Christina and John w/ Mas and Babe

You can click on the link below to see a short video of Mas on a Chukar flush and retrieve. Pay particular attention to his Michael Jackson “moonwalk” imitation at the end of the retrieve. Thanks to my daughter-in-law Christina for the nice video work.

Mas – Chukar flush and retrieve



Mas is also my buddy.  He travels with me everyday. He sits patiently in the truck while I make sales calls. At home, he keeps our cats and chickens in line, and keeps me company when I am in the shop or being a couch potato. He is simply a great dog to be around.

Our goal is to breed more dogs like Mas so others can have the same experience.

Click here to see Mas’ full 4 generation pedigree including non-AKC titles.

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DOB 9/27/2008
Weight 84 lbs.
AKC # SR52942304
CHIC# 81365
OFA # ELBOWS Normal – LR-EL54531M42-VPI
CERF Normal – LR-359912 (11)
CNM Clear
EIC Carrier