Although I don’t have an updated photo, Jack weighed in at 74 pounds at 9 months old.

JACK OF THREE CEDARS RETRIEVERS @ 6 months and 58 pounds

JACK OF THREE CEDARS RETRIEVERS @ 6 months and 58 pounds

Previous: One of our puppies hit the puppy lottery with his new family. It just doesn’t get any better if you are a young male Lab than living in a hunting house with three boys to keep you busy. Here are some comments about Jack from his new owner.

“Jack Jr. is doing great.  This morning he weighed in at 57.8 lbs.  The family loves him as does the rest of the neighborhood.  He gets plenty of attention both inside and outside of the house.  At the end of December, he was neutered.  Thus, we have been taking it easy for a little while.  He appears to have recovered just fine.  We have stuck with the Science Diet Healthy Advantage™ Puppy Large Breed that we get through our friend and Vet.  He really likes it and our Vet says his growth is coming along nicely and he looks very healthy.
We are still working on obedience training.  It has been a long time since we had a puppy.  We still have a ways to go with regards to obedience.  He knows “come”, “sit”, “stay”, “fetch” and “off”.  He, for the most part, responds to “whoa”, “ready” and “down”.  In all cases, he does well without distractions.  We are now working on those commands with distractions.  We still have some work to do there.  He listens to everyone who gives him a command (including my eight year old and some of his friends).  He is most responsive to me and Lorraine as we work with him the most.
We have not done any hunt training, yet.  However, we have been in the field a couple of times and he loves it.  He also enjoys sitting and watching the geese in the field behind our house.  He sits very calmly and watches them by my side as I stand at the edge of the field (not far from the geese).  Our previous GSP Jenny would never have remained that calm with all of those geese nearby.
We still plan to meet up with you for a hunt.  For now, I would like to get his obedience more solid before moving on to more formal gun dog training.  I have attached a couple of recent photos of Jack Jr.”

Jack_2012_adj2_ 4 (2)

Jack_2012_adj2_ 3











Socks was not the only puppy to have a big day at PennVet WDC on 9/11. Jack Of Three Cedars Retrievers (formerly Nick) met the adult portion of his new family too. Pictures of Jack with the rest of the family will follow soon!


PREVIOUS: “Say Hello to my little friend”. Wait I think Al Pacino said that in a movie. Anyway say Hello to Nick.

I am adding some updated photos of Nick now that he is just over six weeks old. He is developing into a very handsome puppy. His coat has remained among the lightest color in the litter. At this point we expect him to be lighter colored than Babe when fully matured.



Nick has become one of the calmest puppies from this litter. He is exceptionally affectionate and enjoys being held. I suspect Nick is going to be very “Babe like” in his personality. Cool and calm in the house and car and explosive in the field.


Just a couple more new photos of Nick.








PREVIOUS: Nick Was the 5th puppy to be born and the 2nd of the boys. He arrived at 8:37 PM on July 7th. Only 9 minutes after his brother Ron was born. Nick weighed just under 1 pound at birth and had more than tripled his birth weight when we weighed him on day 22 which was Sunday July 29th.



Nick ventured outdoors today for the very first time accompanied by his older brother, by 9 minutes, Ron. I had a difficult time getting individual photos of these two because they wanted to spend their time wrestling in the crabgrass. Nick’s photos are going up before Ron’s because I was able to get a few more of him. I need to get Ron back outside for another photo op.


As with all of our puppies you can view the sires and dams pedigree and health info by going to their individual pages and clicking on the links to each of the certificates.

If you look at all of the puppies pages you will see how difficult it is to tell them apart. Every one is leaning towards the very light colored coat of their mother and the size and weight difference s are not significant enough for positive ID yet. We are using different colored collars on each puppy and we are cautious to never remove two collars from the same gender at the same time.

Nick is available for reservation immediately and will be available to go to his new home around September 1st. Nick is valued at $1200.00. Please see our Guarantee, Reservation Policy and Application if you think Nick should be your dog.

Nick is no longer available, He will be joining his new family on Tuesday.