Polonkey Family Hunt October 2012

When you’re ready to visit one of Central and Western Pennsylvania’s  many upland hunting preserves you now have two ways to make your decision. You can follow the traditional path and choose a preserve and then let the preserve staff select a guide and dogs for you OR you can select Three Cedars Retrievers as your guides and we can help you choose the preserve that offers the best combination of birds, cover and terrain for your skill set and physical conditioning. Because we know and work with many different preserves we can usually negotiate a better deal on your bird package too.

Father and son team from September 2012

By choosing your guide FIRST you will not run the risk of getting assigned to a guide who may not understand the way you want to hunt. We at Three Cedars Retrievers are very proud of the fact that we can adapt our Labs hunting styles to fit your needs. For example if you are a newcomer to upland hunting we will work the dogs close and we can help with shooting instruction and firearms selection (we even carry loaner guns and ammo with us). If your shooting skills are a little “rusty” we will have the dogs work at a medium range. On the other hand if you are a shotgun superstar we will set the dogs to give you those challenging longer shots. We are also comfortable hunting with small or larger groups. If you have 5 or 6 gunners in your party we will adjust to that too. And if you just have to have a “pointer”, Babe will be happy to accommodate you.

Jake Ingram had this to say about the 3CR team after his recent bachelor party hunt: “Hey Jack, I can not thank you enough for making my “bachelor party” hunt at Wood Crest Point on Saturday a very enjoyable and  memorable hunting experience.  Mas and Babe are two fantastic Labs that I would without a doubt hunt with any day of the week. Your professionalism, hard work, and great personality where deeply appreciated  The men all said that they had not had that much fun in quite a while and also can not wait to get together to do it again. So a BIG atta boy and two thumbs up to the three of you!!!! thank you again” – Jake

Bachelor Party 9.15.2012

2015/2016 season rates:

Half Day hunt           $65

Full day hunt            $120

Bird cleaning            $2.50 per bird (birds will be breasted, washed and bagged)

Travel                        $0.50 per mile for travel beyond 50 miles one way. Travel within 50 miles of Ligonier,PA is included in the half and full day prices

Extended Travel        Over night or longer trips are negotiated on a case by case basis.

 *** Guide’s gratuity should be based on your satisfaction.***

We also GUARANTEE that you will have shooting opportunities at more birds than you paid to have released. We can’t control if you hit them but we WILL find them for you and flush them IN RANGE!

Wood Crest Point – SPECIAL OFFER

(only through 3CR)

12 bird – 1/2 day package for two shooters


(includes Guide fee)

 6 – pheasants and 6 – chukars released  ….  additional birds available for release


Keep in mind that once you hunt with us you will soon need a Three Cedars Labrador of your very own!

We can make that happen!

PREVIOUS: One of the great pleasures in owning dogs like Mas and Babe is to share their skills with other hunters. If you are a bird hunter without dogs or if you have young dogs, you might want to consider hiring our team. We have extensive experience guiding hunts for most of the upland birds found in North America. Although we do plenty of stocked pheasant, chukar and quail  hunts at various game preserves we are not limited to stocked bird hunts. We will travel for opportunities to hunt wild birds almost anywhere in the US.

When you choose to hunt with us you should have very high expectations. You should expect almost 100% of the birds to be flushed within gun range. We will regulate the flushing distance based on the abilities of the gunners. If we join you on a preserve hunt our expectation is to show you every pheasant, chukar or quail you paid to have stocked plus any leftovers not killed by previous groups. You should expect us to find and retrieve 100% of the birds you hit no matter how far they fly before dropping. Many of our most experienced clients have referred to Babe as “the best dog they ever hunted over” and then gone on to say “and Mas is even better than Babe”.

Mas is a traditional flushing dog. He is known by those who hunt with him frequently as “The Vacuum”. Rarely does a bird flush behind Mas. Babe is what we call a “situational pointer”. If a bird holds tight in cover Babe will point the bird just like a pointer or setter.  If the bird is running she reverts to her flushing heritage. As for finding and retrieving shot birds, well, here are some statistics. Mas has three seasons under his belt. In that time over 2000 birds have been shot and retrieved over him. He has a 100% retrieval rate, including several hundred doves shot over standing corn and some of the thickest jaggers you can imagine and some fly-away pheasants that everyone thought were lost. Our younger dog, Babe, is almost as impressive. In her first full year we shot over 350 birds over her and she failed to find only one. Her lost bird was a dove that Mas picked up later in the day.

Here is what a couple of clients had to say after hunting with the Three Cedars team:

David Gallagher, “Nathan, I apologize for the delay in my message, but I did want to take a minute and let you know that our experience hunting with Jack, Mas and Babe was great. Jack is knowledgeable, courteous, respectful and fun. Mas and Babe are examples of talent and dedicated training that is only represented by the best dogs I have ever hunted over. (none of which were ever mine) I look forward to coming back to hunt Wood Crest Point in the future.”

 Rich DeBerry, “Jack – Like I told you I’m from Virginia Beach, Va and to go on a hunt with you a true professional makes it that much more enjoyable. I was so impressed watching your dogs work. They are the best-trained dogs I’ve ever seen. I will be back to hunt with you soon! Thanks again this is something I will never forget as long as I live. By the way, you should have a you tube video because I’ve tried to explain to people how well you have your dogs trained, and they can’t comprehend what it is I’m saying.”

If you don’t have a favorite preserve we can set up your hunt at Wood Crest Point Preserve in Brush Valley,PA (near Indiana, PA). Wood Crest Point offers traditional Pheasant, Chukar, and Quail hunts on fields planted and maintained specifically for bird hunting. There are also opportunities for European style driven bird shoots if you prefer.

We are willing to travel almost anywhere to bird hunt. We are familiar with most of the commercial preserves in PA, especially the ones in the Southwest corner of the state and Eastern Ohio. And we are always willing to try out new locations.

Mas and Babe also have plenty of experience hunting with other dogs. They will honor your pointer’s work and complete retrieves only when commanded.  This can be a great combination if you have a fine pointer who doesn’t care to retrieve. They work well with pointers, setters or other retrievers. They have proven to be very effective at helping young dogs learn to be better hunters and retrievers. I am absolutely convinced that dogs can and will learn from each other.

If you always wanted to hunt over highly trained dogs but don’t have the time to train your own or you are a newcomer to bird hunting and thinking about a gun dog purchase, consider setting up a hunt with us.