Molly 4.7.13 A

Molly at 9 months. 65 pounds

Molly is a very handsome pup. And according to her family “Molly is exceptionally good looking!  She is beauty, brains and athletic, what more could you ask for? ” I could not agree more.

Molly 4.18.13 Homework

Molly showing how smart she is helping one of her charges with her homework.

PREVIOUS: Molly was the calmest puppy of the litter. Very early she showed us that she was going to be very much like her Mom and be cool, calm and collected. We decided that Molly would be the best choice for an active pet role among our puppies and it appears that was the right decision. Here are a few comments from Molly’s new family.

Molly Belle's Silver Fern Of Three Cedars @ 6 months

Molly Belle’s Silver Fern Of Three Cedars @ 6 months

“Molly is doing great! I weighed her today, she is 56 pounds of solid muscle and growing nicely. She is a sweet, fun, silly, strong puppy that does have a slightly timid side. She is shy meeting new people, but does warm up after spending a few minutes with them.

Molly and Sara (our 3 yr. old) are amazing together, totally smitten with each other! Molly is gentle with Sara and actually listens to her! They are going to grow up to be best buds, it is such a sweet relationship. I often find them snuggled up together. The other girls love her and she loves them, but it is nothing like her bond with the little one.

Molly is learning all the basic commands and we will resume school in February. She walks pretty well on a leash and has started training with the flags for the invisible fence. I can’t wait until she can run around the yard freely and play with the kids. She absolutely loves swimming and I can’t take her to walk around the lakes because she only wants to go in the water! It will be awesome to see her swim when she is bigger, I am looking forward to the warmer weather (already!).”

Molly at rest 1.7.13

Molly at rest 1.7.13












PREVIOUS: This page will feature Bolt. Bolt was the last girl born in this litter.  She entered the scene at 10:55 PM on the night of July 7th. She was the 10th puppy to arrive, about 20 minutes after Scotch.

Bolt’s first outdoor adventure occurred side by side with her brother Gauge. Although she did some exploring she was much more laid back about the new surroundings. She was very content to roam around a little then settle in for a nap in the clover. We will be watching Bolt’s development over the next couple of weeks. She may just be the one who will be like Babe. Cool and Calm on the surface and a whirling dervish on a retrieve. Watch here for more reports.

Bolt’s was just over 3/4 of a pound at birth and had more then quadrupled that by her weigh-in on day 22. As with all of this litter it is too soon to judge their final size but I expect Bolt to fall in the 55 to 65 pound range.

Please look at the Sire (Mas) and Dam (Babe) pages if you would like to get a feeling for what Bolt should look like at maturity. Also, the sire and dam pages contain links to each of their pedigrees and health certifications.


Bolt has been reserved and is no longer available. We still have 3 males available. Please check the pages for Nick, Gauge and Rock