Pregnant Babe 5.2015Sunday was another one of those beautiful spring days so the lady took me for another walk on the farm road.  My friend Jada and her human came along, too.  It’s always good for me to have another doggie buddy along.  It was a good walk – there was a breeze that kept scents in the air all along the way.  The scary big animals that make MOOOO sounds stayed far away from the fence so I didn’t have to worry about them.  The lady and her friend stopped to talk to the farmer.  He was out in the pasture checking on a new baby cow.  Looks like there’s baby stuff going on all around.

So now, about my babies.  Jack is running his “name the puppy” contest on my Facebook page.  The lady is mostly responsible for naming my puppies.  This time she’s going to name them after authors and fictional characters.  She’s mumbling things about authors with names like Charles and James.  I have no idea what she means.  I’m a great dog, but for some reason, Jack didn’t try to teach me to read books.

I still want you to help her with those names.  You’ll need to make a guess as to the date my puppies will arrive, the number of puppies and the mix of boys and girls.  You should go to my – I mean OUR – Facebook page at Three Cedars Retrievers.

You can leave your guess there.