Gin plus 8 4.26.16

Arrived April 26, 2016 8 puppies from Gin and Shooter. Gin, the dam, is a Mas/Babe puppy from their 2012 litter. She is a companion/hunter with a heavy emphasis on the companion part. Shooter, the sire, is also a companion/hunter with a very distinguished career in NAHRA and considerable experience in the field. See Gin’s and Shooter’s individual pages on this website for more info on this sire and dam.

12.1.15 12 at 7pm BPREVIOUS: Arrived December 1, 2015 13 puppies, 7 yellow and 6 black from Tess and Hudson.  Tess, the dam, is a Mas/Babe puppy from their very first litter. She is a companion/hunter who works with her owner Jim guiding clients at both upland and waterfowl hunts. Hudson, the sire, is also a companion/hunter who works with his owner Bryce. Hudson’s hunting leans heavily to the waterfowl side with an occasional upland event. See Hudson and Tess’ individual pages on this site for more info on this Sire and Dam.

Al have been sold!

10 in a basket 6.7.15PREVIOUS: Arrivied June 6, 2015 10 puppies (8 males and 2 females) from Babe and Mas.  We continue this breeding because the puppies from the first 3 litters are extraordinary. Earlier Mas/Babe pups are now among the most accomplished hunters and working dogs you will find. For example; Ron, from the 2012 litter, is a pointing Lab with over 700 birds to his credit each year during both the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 hunting seasons. Socks, also from the 2012 litter, is a K9 Officer in Philadelphia with a specialty in explosives detection. Gus, from the 2013 litter, is now with New Mexico FEMA Task Force One where he recently passed his CE on the first try as an Urban SAR dog. Check out our Facebook page (Three Cedars Retrievers) to view hundreds of photos of all of the puppies thru the years

The 2015 Mas/Babe Boys                                                    The 2015 Mas/Babe Girls

RYDER (Dirk) – SOLD                                 SKYE (Meg) – SOLD

SCOUT (Scout) – SOLD                                TINK (Tink) – SOLD


DUKE (Huck) – SOLD





Previous: Introducing the 11 Mas/Stella puppies. 6 boys and 5 girls. We are accepting applications now. Please see the application and guarantee info on this website. Several are already spoken for. Don’t delay if you want to secure your spot in the picking order.


Stella and 11 6.2.145/30/2014 A second litter of Three Cedars puppies arrived today. 11 yellows, 6 males and 5 females. Mas is once again the sire for this litter. The dam, Stella, is owned by a hunting buddy of mine. She comes from a line of hunting dogs bred at On-Point Hunting preserve. You can learn more about Stella and Mas if you visit their pages under the Sires and Dams tab.

The 2014 Mas/Stella Boys                                        The 2014 Mas/Stella Girls

Rip (Lew) – SOLD                            Chloe (Dorothy) – SOLD

Dude (Lester) – SOLD                     Ruby (Imogene) – SOLD

Chief (Stanley) – SOLD                   Sidney (Helen) – SOLD

Gander (Malibu Jack) – SOLD         Emme (Jenny) – SOLD

Swift (Farkey) – SOLD                    Nala (Mimi) – SOLD

Kingston (Lefty) – SOLD                        



5 puppies 3.30.14 A5/8/2014 All of the Mas/Babe 2014 puppies have been sold. We look forward to posting some photos as they all begin their lives with their new families. All 5 are going to hunting homes so there should be lots of birds in their futures.

4/3/2014 Babe’s 5 puppies are doing GREAT! The lack of competition for the milk spigots has them all growing at an incredible rate. All 5 have now exceeded the 3 pound mark and two are over 4 pounds.

3/18/2014 The 3rd litter of Babe – Mas puppies has arrived. Only 5 in this litter. 1 female and 4 males.  One of the males has his litter name. Bond (as in James Bond) was selected by our name the puppy contest winner. The theme for this years litter is “The Movies”.  Watch for the other names in the next few days.

Babe and all of the puppies are doing GREAT. In general these puppies are larger than the previous litters. That is most likely a function of the smaller litter size and less competition.

Several of these are already sold but selections will not occur for several weeks.

The 2014 Mas/Babe Boys                                                    The 2014 Mas/Babe Girl

Bond – SOLD                                       Grace – SOLD

Duke – SOLD

Bob – SOLD

Clint – SOLD


All 11 of the 2013 puppies are doing GREAT!

8/5/2013 – All of the 2013 puppies are now spoken for. If you are interested in a Three Cedars puppy we are accepting reservations for the next breeding. That breeding will occur in 2014. Individual pages for each of the 2013 puppies will be added to the website soon. 7/25/2013 – All but one of the puppies is now promised. The remaining puppy, a female we call Pearl, is going to be a lot of dog. She is the largest of the female puppies and very dominant among the other puppies. I have already turned down numerous placements for her because she would have been placed in a non-hunting role. This puppy comes from a hard working/hunting line and she needs a home where she will be given lots of opportunity to shine in the field. If you are looking for a high drive Companion/Hunter, Pearl would be an IDEAL choice. Keep in mind she is much like her Daddy and very high drive. She needs an owner who has experience with dogs of field trial caliber and energy. The 2013 BOYS (ALL SOLD)                                                 The 2013 GIRLS (ALL SOLD)

GUS (Rock) – SOLD                                             PEARL (Pearl) – SOLD

BEAU (Punch) – SOLD                                       SPICE (Rose) – SOLD

BUCK (Sword) – SOLD                                       MURPHY (Kay) – SOLD

BOZ (Bull) – SOLD                                               CALLI (Bells) – SOLD

STRIKE (Jake) – SOLD                                          BELLE (Forge) – SOLD

ZEUS (Clay) – SOLD

Puppy selection will begin the weekend around July 4th. Still time to reserve your pick!

Eating with arrows 6.10.1311 NEW arrivals on May 28, 2013

6 Males and 5 Females


Last years litter of ten are all spoken for. You can click on each of them to see an update of the current appearance and accompishments. SEVEN are working as or in training as Hunting/Companions, ONE is at PennVetWDC where she has been designated as an expolsives detection dog, ONE will train for Personal Protection and ONE is an Active Family pet to three little girls.

The Girls 2012

Hope (now Socks) – SOLD
Doll (now Tess) – SOLD
Bolt  (now Molly) – SOLD
Dash (remaining Dash) – SOLD
Scotch (now Gin) – SOLD

The Boys 2012

Nick (now Jack) – SOLD
Rock (now Luke) – SOLD
Gauge (remaining Gauge) – SOLD
Ron (remaining Ron) – SOLD
Hawk (remaining Hawk) – SOLD

Rock 8/25/2012

Three Cedars Retrievers exists to develop and breed a line of Labrador Retrievers that are expected to be truly well rounded. All Three Cedars Retrievers sires and dams must prove their versatility before we will select them for breeding. They must demonstrate a high level of desire and drive to hunt and be exceptionally hard workers.

Gauge 8/25/2012

They must have the intelligence and personality to move readily from field work to hunt tests to companion duties. They must pass a battery of structural and genetic testing to verify that they will not pass along any of the known genetic diseases. They have been selected as breeders because of their proven versatility, their working dog pedigrees and their great personalities. We believe these traits will be evident in their progeny.

Nick 8/22/2012

In my opinion too many people think of their Labs with “buts” in mind. They may be a great house dog “but” they are lazy in the field. They can retrieve ducks “but” can’t flush pheasants. They do well at hunt tests “but” don’t behave at home. Three Cedars Retrievers exists to breed and train Labs that eliminate all of the “buts”.

  We expect our dogs to sit patiently while pass shooting doves. We expect our dogs to be steady in a duck blind. We expect them to quarter a field and to work any cover as thoroughly as the best pointers, setters and beagles. We expect them to manage grouse and woodcock cover so that their hunting partners have the best opportunity to bag these challenging birds. We expect them to be competitive at Chukar Challenges, Hunt Tests and Retriever Trials. On occasion, we will even expect them to readily retrieve rabbits, ground hogs and crows or anything else we may ask. We expect them to find EVERY downed bird and to retrieve it promptly to hand. We expect them to handle complex triple marks, 250 yard blinds and to trail a cripple with equal ease. When work is over we expect our dogs to be our buddies, play with the Grandkids and relax with us on the couch. And there is nothing quite as intimidating as the “manly” bark of Lab when a stranger comes to the door. As for show/conformation….we leave that arena for the dogs too fat to hunt. Both sires and dams have been thoroughly tested to verify they have none of the common physical, genetic and structural defects sometimes found in Labrador Retrievers. Their pedigrees and our research show their ancestors and siblings showed no predisposition to any of the common genetically linked problems with hips, elbows, EIC, CNM and eyes. Individual certifications are listed with the details of each sire and dam. You should expect your Three Cedar’s puppy to grow into a confident, very intelligent, hard working dog with a great nose and the desire and stamina to hunt all day, everyday; and the personality to be your “best buddy” the rest of the time. Our puppies will be happiest in a hunting home or where they will get lots of work. Our pups will not be happy as a “pet only” and therefore we will sell puppies only to homes with a plan to put their puppy to work.