Babe Duck Training


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Call Name: Babe

Babe is always the perfect little lady. She has shown considerable prowess at the traditional retriever skills and also brings additional attributes such as pointing and her light colored coat to any breeding. Babe’s pedigree shows that her gene pool is derived from several show champions as well as numerous holders of retriever titles, from both NAHRA and HRC. In the field she is an incredible hard worker. During the 2012/2013 hunting season Babe retrieved over 540 birds that were shot over her.

BabeBabe has the most delightful personality. She is one of those dogs that everyone just has to pet. And she is more than willing to be petted by everyone. Babe is incredibly attentive to her handler and is exceptionally easy to train. Babe is so well behaved that she is welcome at our local Lowe’s and Tractor Supply stores without the need to be on a leash.

At 62 pounds Babe is medium sized for a female. She is very muscular, quick in the field  and an exceptionally fast swimmer. She has a very dense, almost white, overcoat and an even denser undercoat.

If you watch Babe at work, either hunting or testing, you will think you are seeing an entirely different dog from the cool, calm princess you just petted. She runs extremely hard and is absolutely fearless. No cover is too prickly or dense for her, we have not yet found a fence she can’t climb, jump or crawl under, and no terrain is to steep or muddy for her to scale. Babe is also a “situational pointer”. If the birds will hold she locks up like any of the traditional pointing breeds and stays that way until released to flush. If the birds are runners she will pursue and flush. Babe has an incredible nose and when hunting with a group of dogs she is almost always the first to find  birds and cripples.

SS852744Babe on point 1.20.13 Click this link to view a short video of Babe quartering to a point then flush and retrieve.

Babe is always eager to please, at home her obedience is rock solid, in the field she wants every bird and at hunt tests and retriever trials you can expect her to be near perfect. So far Babe has earned her NAHRA Started Title and Hunter Title. In the spring of 2013 Babe also successfully completed her first two passes towards her NAHRA Working Retriever Title. When handled by me Babe has passed 10 out of 11 NAHRA Field Tests. She also earned her WC and WCX by passing both of those tests on the same day.

Babe is simply a delight to be around.

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DOB 5/23/2010
Weight 65 lbs.
AKC # SR62534509
CHIC# 85528
OFA # ELBOWS Normal – LR-EL56702F29-VPI
CERF Normal – LR-359913
CNM Clear
EIC Clear