Grace and family 5.16.14As the only lady in the litter, clearly, Jack was saving the best story for last.  I left Three Cedars just ahead of Boone.  You all remember him as Bond.  But this is about me.  Not him.  And not the rest of the litter.  It’s time for the story of Grace.
My new family looks perfect for me.  It’s a man, like Jack.  And a lady, like the lady.  Just right.   And they have two of those human puppies.  Not too little.  And not too big.  They look just right.  And I’m going to live in Connecticut.  Sounds just right!
The plan is for me to be a hunter and a companion.  That’s the perfect job for a high drive dog like me.  
I am the highest drive puppy from this litter and my new humans are ready for that.
The lady at Three Cedars always loved my name.  She knew that when I went to my fur-ever home I would get a new name.  And she knew my new humans would choose something perfect for them and for me.  And they did.
My new name is Three Cedars Babe’s Amazing Grace.  My call name?  Well, that’s still up in the air, you see.  I have several suggestions.  Gorgeous.  Strong.  Smart.  Determined.  Or maybe they’ll stick with the best choice.  Grace.  It really is a great name.