Luke 7.7.13 A

Luke has returned to Three Cedars for some follow-up training. Here he is during his first trip to the training table. Luke is a VERY BIG DOG! I don’t have official weight yet but I’m guessing he will be in excess of 95 pounds when we actually get him on a scale. He is very tall and heavily muscled, just like his Dad. But he is BIGGER than Mas.


Bob and Mike with Luke, Babe andMas after a March 2013 upland hunt at Wood Crest Point

Bob and Mike with Luke, Babe, Mas and Ron after a March 2013 upland hunt at Wood Crest Point

Previous: Luke, formerly Rock, and his family joined the 3CR team for two different upland hunts at Wood Crest Point. Although I don’t have any official weight info on Luke, anecdotal comments have him at near 90 pounds at 10 months of age.




Bob and son Mike with Luke, Babe and Mas during October upland hunt

Bob and son Mike with Luke, Babe and Mas during October 2012 upland hunt











SS851746APrevious: Introducing our male puppy, litter name “Rock”. I hope whoever Rock’s new owners turn out to be that they will give him the “manly” name he deserves. Rock was the 7th puppy born and at 0.93 pounds was the second heaviest.

These new photos of Rock are from August 24th. Rock is now just short of 7 weeks old and he is turning into a real STUD. At over 12 pounds already he is the second largest puppy in his litter.


Rock is going to be a “lot of dog” when he grows up. He is already showing the stature that will make him a very handsome adult. He is a very curious puppy and is always willing to investigate new areas. He and Tess are usually the first two who explore the boundaries of our backyard.


Here are a couple more new pics of Rock.










PREVIOUS: Rock has been showing a strong tendency to “use his nose”. While taking photos of Rock it seemed like every photo had him with his nose buried in the grass or checking out a stick or stone.




Rock is very inquisitive. During this trip to the outdoors he visited most of our 1/2 acre backyard. That is quite a bit of traveling for a 4 week old. He was fearless about moving over changing terrain and going up and down our hilly yard.




Rock’s coat is becoming a little more cream colored and the tan accents on his face and ears are a bit more obvious than some of the other puppies in this litter. It is still too soon to tell what his final coat will look like but I expect him to be more cream colored than white based on comparing his changes to the rest of the litter.


If you are interested in purchasing Rock or any of our puppies please check out our Guarantee, Reservation Policy and Application pages which can be found under the “Puppies” tab on this website.

Rock is no longer available. He has found a new family to love him.