Stella 4.24.14 H



Call Name: Stella


Stella’s owners had this to say about her. “We purchased ONPOINT HALLEY’S COMET (hereafter Stella) from On-Point Outfitters in March 2013.   She was 2-years old.  I have hunted upland birds at On-Point for years with my male Lab and was well aware of the quality of their dogs.  Before I purchased Stella, I asked them to show me her hunting skills.  We took to the field, left Stella in her cage, and stocked a pheasant well over a hundred yards from the truck and out of her sight.  We then released her and allowed her to hunt.  She winded the bird from roughly 75 yards out, worked the bird and flushed.  The bird was shot and she immediately retrieved.  I was sold.”

Stella 4.2.14 C


The Three Cedars Retrievers team elected to do a breeding with Stella because of her natural hunting traits and impressive pedigree. Stella is a solid field dog.  She is lean, hunts hard and responds well to commands.  She covers much ground, remains in range and is a terrific retriever.  She is very friendly and a pleasure to be around. She is an excellent match for Mas.


Stella’s owner had some additional comments that help describe her personality. ” at home she’s always near me.  If I’m working in the yard or at the farm, she likes to stay close.  Seldom is Stella on a leash.  I took her to North Dakota last year and she rode in the back of my Suburban the entire trip.  Even at the hunting camp, she was not leashed and never did I worry that she would run off.  One of my neighbors recently commented how he wished he had a dog that he would be such a companion.”

Stella and 11 6.2.14

Stella with her 11 puppies born May 30, 2014


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Call Name Stella
DOB 4/15/2011
Weight 66 lbs.
AKC # SR68945306
EIC Clear