5 puppies 3.28.14Mornings belong to the lady.  She comes to our room and lets me out, while it’s still dark.  While I’m out, she moves my babies to the basket and changes our mat.  She puts the babies back in the box and then opens the door where I wait – sort of patiently – for her to let me in.

The first thing I do is get in the box and check the puppies, you know, to make sure the lady hasn’t done anything to them or lost track of one or something.  I know she means well, but I AM the mama, right?

At that point, I settle the puppies down and give them a little something to eat.

5 puppies with Babe 3.28.14This morning, I decided that I should check on the basket the lady uses for my puppies – just to make sure it’s soft and safe and comfortable.

Babe in basket 3.28.14And that starts another day.