5 puppies 4.12.14Today, Jack was going fishing.  I don’t know what fishing is, but it can’t involve birds or he would have taken one of us along.  How much fun can it be if it doesn’t involve birds, huh?  Anyway, with Jack gone, the lady was in charge.

Usually she comes to see us before it gets light but she said she slept in until seven o’clock.  I don’t know what that means, either, but I know it was light outside and I sure was happy to see her.  She did the stuff with us that she always does.  I went outside to, you know, take care of business, while she changed our pad in our box.  When I came back in, I gave her my dish and she got my breakfast ready.  Then she went to take care of the other dogs and get them their breakfast.

While we were all eating, she said she was going to take a bath.  Somehow, she made that sound good.  I’m not so crazy about a bath, but there’s no explaining humans, is there?

The next time I saw the lady, she was dressed and she smelled better.  She let us all out again and when we came back, she gave us a snack – a nice big chewy stick!  I settled in to enjoy mine……and the puppies settled in to have their snack, too.

The lady says it’s time to do more socialization with my puppies so she steals them from me.  She says she just wants to snuggle them and take in their puppy smell.  If she likes puppy smell so much, why did she have to take that bath?

hand held 4.12.14