The Dog Blog 9.8.12

Puppy Updates

The Lady: “I’ve been honest about how difficult it’s been to let the puppies leave for their new lives. Getting updates from the puppies new humans has been very rewarding. I’ll share a little bit with you.

Hawk’s new family took him for his first subway ride. That’s a long way from life on the mountain out here, isn’t it? The ride went well. Hawks has also had the chance to walk on streets. Apparently, it’s gone well on streets where there is little traffic – motor or pedestrian. On more crowded streets with lots of traffic, well, it sounds like Hawk has some adjusting to do.

Luke – formerly known as Rock – is doing a stellar job at his new home, at least in one area. Inside of 48 hours, he was ringing the bell when he needed to go out. Anyone who has ever had a puppy knows that housebreaking is a key to successful adjustment in a new location. He’s a good boy!

Tess (once known as Doll) is still living with us. She’s going to be here for a while to be trained. This weekend, along with the other puppies who are still here, Tess will be going to the SWPaHRC fun test. The puppies won’t actually take part in the test – they’re still just too young! – but they’ll be around the other dogs and the fun and excitement that goes along with a test. Tess’s new human, Jim, is also going to join us there. He wants to get a feel for what happens at a test and spend some time with his pup.

This week, Socks will be going to her new home. We’ll deliver her to her new foster family at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center grand opening. That same day, we’ll deliver Nick to his new family. It looks like Nick will be a hunter! He’s going to be living in a family with three boys. And they are a hunting family.

Jack has done a stellar job at finding good homes for the puppies. You’ll notice that there are puppies who are not covered here today. I suppose you’ll have to just stop by another day to learn about those little ones.”