The Dove Field
Time for the Big Dogs

Mas: “You’ve all been following the puppies, and yeah, they’re cute, but the big dogs have been doing the work. See, it’s hunting season again. And we’re back in the field. On opening day, Jack drove Babe and me to Todd’s. We always start the season there. David was along, too. The only thing that was missing was Ron. We missed him. He would bring us apples and slice them for us. Jack says Ron is watching us so we’d better do our best.

Of course, I had a great day. It’s best when the shooters are actually hitting birds, but a dog has to take what he can get. Those two boys came along for a while, too. They were banging away and having a great time. Jack likes when kids have the opportunity to participate in a traditional sport.

I made all the retrieves that were mine that day. In the intervening days, I’m over 40 birds retrieved. The lady needs a lot of doves when she gets ready to cook them. I’ll certainly do my part!”


Babe: “It’s been a long, long time! I haven’t been in the field or even able to train since May. Motherhood certainly can be demanding! Now, the puppies are leaving home and the ones who are still here are on their own. Soon, they’ll be learning to hunt. But for now, I’m out and about and ready to play the game!

My first day wasn’t very good. I didn’t make all the retrieves that came my way. I thought I was letting Jack down, but he reminded me that I was just out of practice. Once I get the rust off, I’ll be as good as ever!

Since the first day, I’ve been improving. I haven’t lost a retriever since. Jack tells me I’m not marking well – that I’m marking short. That’s probably true. Of course, I’ve spent the last eight weeks looking close to the ground and counting to ten!

Keep taking me out there, Jack. I’m going to work my way back. And no dog is a harder worker than I am.”