Molly and her three new girls 9/3/2012


Jack: “Bolt got a new name, as you know. Molly Belle’s Silver Fern of Three Cedars was heading to her new home. Her life was going to get very busy, very quickly. She was going to have three little girls to love – and that’s a perfect job for a puppy. She had a long drive from Southwestern PA to North Jersey and her new humans were well prepared. I filled Molly’s new crate with fresh straw and she was off!

Molly had been on several car rides to prepare her for this adventure. When she got to her new home, we heard from her new lady that she had done well in the car – and she was grateful for the practice rides.

Based on this photo, Molly has settled in just fine! You know, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she had her toenails painted – or that she was wearing a bow instead of a collar. Molly, you remember to love those girls, ok? That’s your new job. And we know you’re up to the task.”