Left to right, Gauge, Tess, Dash and Ron

Dr. Donovan’s Office, Ligonier
You feed them, you water them and they grow!

Jack: “Today, all four puppies (and one of the family cats!) had an appointment with Dr. Connie. It’s a bit of a task taking everyone and manageable only because of how accommodating the team at the Vet’s office is. We started work with the puppies. One at a time, I carried them in from the truck. Like any of us who go to the doctor, first order of business was getting weighed. I was especially proud of ALL the puppies for showing off one of their developing skills. They each climbed up and sat – SAT – on the scale to be weighed. They ranged from Tess at just short of 20 pounds all the way to Ron – who tipped the scales at nearly 30 pounds. Now, Tess might sound small when you hear those numbers, but in fact, SHE’S a big pup for her age. And Ron, well, he’s my big guy.

Dr. Connie was very pleased with all the puppies. She and I talked about ticks and how heavy they are this fall. Given that, we had the pups vaccinated for Lyme disease. She also provided heartworm medication and a flea and tick treatment that’s safe for puppies. Certifect. That’s the same product we already use on Babe and Mas.

In the end, she says what we’re doing is working just right. Don’t change a thing! That’s the best news a dog lover can hear.”