Gin and one of her new humans at the beach!

The Dog Blog 9.19.12
Oh, where, oh, where has that little dog gone?

The Lady: “You already know about five of the puppies, but that leaves five who’s story you still need to learn. Let’s start with Bolt.

Bolt’s new name is Molly. Actually, her name is Molly Belle’s Silver Fern of Three Cedars. How’s that for a lot of name for a little pup? Molly is now living with a family and their three little girls. Her life will include lots of swimming – there are lakes involved – and I’m guessing she may have her nails painted and the occasional ribbon. Life will be lovely!

And let’s cover another one of the girls, Gin. Her litter name was Scotch. And her new humans are probably the owners we know best. Gin is with our son and his wife. Gin has a big sister, a boxer named Molly, to show her the ropes in her new home in Florida. Gin is a swimmer, too. The difference between Gin’s swimming and Molly’s? Gin has SURF! And she’s taken to it like a, well, like a lab! She loves the water and running on the beach. She’s a perfect fit for her humans.

Next up is Gauge. Gauge’s story is still being written. His new human is busy doing some very important work for us all…..and can’t be with Gauge until, well, until his duty is concluded. We just want him to stay safe. And we’ll tell some of that story when the time is right.

That leaves us with two puppies. The first is Ron. If you’ve been reading the blogs, you know how he got his name. And of course, you know he’s staying here with us. Ron was the largest puppy at birth and nothing has changed! He’s a big boy and at this rate, he’s going to outgrow his daddy.

The last puppy is the one to whom I am most attached. Her official la-dee-da name is Three Cedars Make a Run for It. I’ll be calling her Dash. I took that from the name of a poem by Linda Ellis. If you’re curious, you can find The Dash on line. This puppy is one of the ways I’ll be filling the dash.

Please stay tuned for more updates. You can see Socks and her new family on the Penn Vet WDC website. The rest of the puppies will continue to tell their stories here.”

Molly and her three new girls.