The Dog Blog 9.16.12
Woodcrest Point
The Season is OPEN

Mas: “Jack had a different step about him yesterday. He loaded Babe and me in the big truck and didn’t bring those puppies along. This could be an interesting day! We drove a little farther than going to Todd’s so it was obvious that this was no ordinary day in the field. We were going to Woodcrest Point!”

Jack: “Nate called me this week and asked if I could guide, even though it’s very early in the season. It seems that a couple of guys decided that instead of some craziness that can lead to an angry bride, a Bachelor’s Party out hunting pheasants might be a fun day. And they were so right!”

Mas: “What’s a Bachelor? And why should I care? I’m out of the crate and looking for pheasants. There are enough gunners to keep the day interesting and it doesn’t get any better. The shooters were looking for a good time and I’m just the kind of dog who can show them what a good time in the field looks like. The shooters went 19 for 19 before they missed a bird. That’s pretty good shooting……I can’t even count on Jack to be that good all the time. Of course, I was great. The cover is different this time of year and it makes some of the retrieves a little tricky. My goal is to make it look impressive, even when it couldn’t be any easier.”

Babe: “Let’s just mention that I was the only girl at the party – and I was stunning! I’ve been out of practice, as you all know, but when you love being in the field as much as I do, your skill level comes back pretty quickly. I did let Mas get those tough birds – he does love showing off.”

Mas: “Today, we went back to Woodcrest Point. This time it was a party of two, a man and his 14 year old son. Jack loves to see young hunters in the field. So we set about to showing them a great afternoon, too. The weather this weekend was perfect for being out – sunny and on the cool side. The birds were really flying today. We were hunting in the same fields as yesterday with that green cover. In a few weeks, that’ll start to brown up and finding the birds will be easier. Not that it matters much to me. Remember, I’m amazing on the hunt.

The bottom line is, the season is open and the opportunities are endless. Bring on the hunters! We’ll find the birds.”