Penn Vet Working Dog Center
What about Nick?

Jack: “The lady told the story about Socks yesterday and there is very little that I could add. We are very honored to have been asked to give Socks to the Center and look forward to hearing about her time there. Still, there was another puppy along with us yesterday and I’m here to tell HIS story.

Nick was the last of our puppies who was available. I took a call from a family in the Delaware Valley asking about him about two weeks ago. Once they made a decision, the only thing outstanding was how to get Nick into the hands of his new family. Yesterday provided the opportunity we were looking for.

When we drove out to Philadelphia, we took both Socks and Nick with us. It wasn’t the first long trip for either puppy and they enjoy traveling together. And as long as we were going to be “in the neighborhood”, Nick could connect with his new family there.

The staff at the Working Dog Center knew we were bringing along an extra puppy and they made provisions for us to leave Nick in a safe, cool place while the ceremony went on. I was expecting a call from Nick’s new family to let me know when they would be arriving. At the end of the ceremonies, when we were standing outside the tent, Nick’s new humans were already there! They had managed to break away from their obligations early and made the effort to see the Center.

We moved inside and got Nick out for the new family to meet. It was a quick decision for them. Nick was going to be theirs. To be honest, they were as ready as any of our families have been. Nick’s new lady had a lead and a new collar in her purse! You can count on those women to be prepared.

The discussion about a name for Nick didn’t take too long. They had tossed names around and could really only find one name that was agreeable to both. They wanted to name the pup after the breeder. So, Jack it is! The lady talked about being teary eyed at the program and I had my share of emotional moments, too. This was another one. Now, in addition to my puppy Ron, named after my best friend, there was a puppy named Jack.

The lady walked the new owners through the basic paperwork and handed over the “litter items”: a rope toy and a pillow case that had been in with the whole litter. We think these little comfort items can help the puppies adjust to their new home. We handed over enough puppy food to get them started.

The girls talked a while. The new family didn’t tell their three boys that there would be a puppy at the house when they got home from school. Jack has a great placement. Imagine! He’s gone to a home with a dad and three boys who are hunters. He’s going to have a great life.

Each time we place a puppy, it’s got tough moments. Yesterday, we placed two. And it was twice as tough! Still, like the rest of our placements, we feel very confident that these are great situations for the dogs.

Now, we have four puppies left in our home. Two, Ron and Dash, are going to be ours. The other two, Tess and Gauge, are staying with us to train. Today was the first official day of training. And that’s a story for another day.”