Hawk in his new home in the Big Apple!

Home, Sweet (NEW) Home

The Lady: “I had the opportunity to go for a swim on Saturday morning, but I knew it was the coward’s way out. Hawk’s new people were coming to pick him up and I was looking for ways to avoid being here. I knew it would be difficult and I knew I would be emotional. Well, I was right, just not in the way that I expected.

Hawk’s new lady and man were so very excited to meet their puppy for the first time. His new lady could not have been any happier if she were holding the grand prize for the lottery. She held him up and cooed and smiled the biggest smile and cuddled him close. Hawk’s new man stood and watched, indulgently, as the lady buried her face in his neck and nuzzled him up.

We all spent about an hour together, going over paperwork and playing with several of the puppies. We walked up to the field to see Mas do some of his “tricks”. Soon, we were eating some yummy Polish cookies and putting together the crate for Hawk’s ride home. And then, all too soon, it was time for Hawk to start the next phase of his life: a running partner for a marathon runner. You see, the man worries about the lady when she runs alone. With Hawk, she won’t be alone any more.

Watching the Hawk’s new humans loading up to head for home, I realized that seeing them leave was difficult, but not for the reasons I feared. I found that I wished I had more time with these people – that they were bright and interesting and, if we lived closer, were people we would enjoy spending time with. And I was emotional, almost the way I was emotional when the kids left for college. I knew they were off to a wonderful new life! Hawk most certainly is. He’s going to be very happy in his new home.”


Hawk preparing to depart with his new humans.