5 puppies 3.20.14 BI’m sure some of you have been wondering where I’ve been!  Jack is very good about keeping the 3 Cedars Retrievers Facebook page up to speed.  That’s not the format for me!  I want to tell my own story.

So.  As you all know by now, there are puppies!  This time, the number is 5.  Four new sons and a lovely daughter.  The lady says she’s going to get names for everyone and they’ll have something to do with the movies.  Knowing her as I do, I suspect the movies will be old ones.  And Jack tells me that Ashton won the “name the puppy” contest, so we’ll be waiting for her entry.  Remember, Ashton, one syllable names are best for working dogs!

Having puppies was a lot of fun this time.  In the past, I’ve had much larger litters – and I’ve had 3 puppies in five minutes!  This time, I sort of took my time – much to Jack’s consternation!  I kept him guessing, yes I did.  I had two puppies ready to view when Jack and the lady got up in the morning.  Then, I took a little rest before having the third.  Like every mother should, I showered those three puppies with LOTS of attention and took a nap.  And a little run outside.  And had a BIG breakfast.  After a nice long rest, I surprised Jack with another puppy!  He was very excited and texted the lady to let her know.

The lady got home from work very late after it was dark.  She checked on me and gave me some ear rubs and a nice belly rub and then it was time for my last act……I wanted to share it with the lady.  So one last puppy.  Total count of 5.

I want to give the lady a little bit of credit for something else.  The night before I had my puppies, when Jack took us all out at bedtime, he wanted me to hang out with the lady for a little while and she tried to give me some love.  I was very impatient and wanted to be in my room.  In fact, I hurried Jack along and left the lady to get to my baby box.  Lady, you know I love your attention.  And I think you knew I needed to be in my room.

Jack will be busy now, taking my picture and photos of my puppies.  And you’ll get to know them all.