The Dog Blog 10.15.12
Bruce Crossing, MI

In the Blue Sky

Tess:  “My human, Jim, has been with me for a whole week and we’ve had lots of fun together looking for birds.  Today, Jack and Jim loaded me in my box and took me for a ride.  When we got to the stop, I looked and looked and I couldn’t see anywhere that we could look for more birds.  Pretty soon, I figured out that this wasn’t going to be like the other days since we got here.  This would be special.”

Jim:  “My brother flew in to pick up Tess and me and take us back to Chicago to visit with my family.  We put the crate in the body of the plane and assembled it for Tess.  We loaded up some gear and got ready to depart.  Tess cried for a minute and then settled right down.  My brother ran through the warm-ups and Tess picked up her head to check that out.  She seemed a little concerned during take off – there was some turbulence on the way through the cloud layer – but by the time we punched through the clouds, she was asleep.  The only thing that got her attention was when I opened the window and she got a little more air current.  It was a fine trip.”

Tess:  “Today was a pretty special day.  I’m going to spend some time away from my brothers and sister.  I’ll spend more time with my human and some of his family.  And even though I didn’t get to look for birds today, I got to be one.  Today, I got to fly.”