Nitro.Raymond.Dontae 5.9.14I know how much thought my human put into selecting me.  Raymond came by several times and looked us all over.  In the end, it could only be one:  Bob has a new human.
Jack knows Raymond.  They’re hunting buddies.  Jack used to hunt with his buddy, Ron Lazur and they’d take Raymond along.  And Dontae.  He used to hunt with them, too.  Now, I’m going to be part of that tight group.  I may be the luckiest pup, you know?  I’ve got a new home with Raymond, but I’ll still get to see Jack.  And I’m sure I’ll get to hunt with my mom and dad, too!
Raymond brought his buddy, Dontae, along when they came to get me.  That only makes sense.  We’re going to be the best of friends.  OH!  Yeah!  One more thing:  I got my forever name.  I’m not Bob anymore.
Now, I’m Three Cedars Main Element.  But you can call me NITRO!