5 puppies 3.26.14Another big day for me.  All my puppies reached that 2 pound target.  Jack put collars on the last two puppies.  When you see photos, you’ll be able to identify them by name based on their collars.  It’s much more dignified than being numbered, don’t you think?

Duke, the bruiser, is wearing a red collar with bones on it.  Clint?  He’s got a plain black collar.  Bob is wearing a black collar….with skulls!  Bond has a blue collar with bones.  And sweet, lovely Grace, well, she’s got the pink collar, of course.

Like every good mother, I love my babies.  And I’m a very good mother.  But like all mothers, I love seeing my babies at their very, very best:  when they’re all sleeping peacefully.

That’s my chance to get a little “me” time – and sometimes I get a little nap myself!