Babe carrying approximately 20 pounds of puppies!

Office of Dr. Connie Matson



Babe:  “Today, Jack took me to see Dr. Connie.  I like her.  She’s gentle and kind and she likes me, too!  Jack had me on a leash – and that’s not usual at all.  I think it was because of all the bad dogs who don’t listen.

Amanda came and took me from Jack.  She measured my tummy and then we went in another room.  Amanda took my picture and then I went back to Jack.

When Dr. Connie came for us, she was very happy.  I could see her smiling.  “How many do you thing there are?”, she asked Jack.  He said 13.  Dr. Connie said he wasn’t far off. She says there are at least 10.  I’m going to be a VERY busy mama.”