At home at Three Cedars Retrievers

Time to Catch Up


Mas:  “Well, I suppose you’re all wondering what we’ve been up to.  It’s a long story, so get a cup of coffee and bring me a biscuit.  We’ll get started.

Back in May, things started to spark.  Babe, my partner, was in the mood for romance.  Being a red-blooded, upstanding American Labrador, I did my best to accommodate her.  Let’s just say things went just fine.  No need to kiss and tell!”


Babe:  “A girl can hear her biological clock ticking.  It took me a little effort, but I managed to get Mas’ attention.  The news is already out.  I’m going to be a mother.  And it won’t be long!”


Mas:  “Yeah, yeah, but back to the story.  Shortly after Babe and I started to date, Jack loaded up the white truck.  We love when that happens!  It was loaded to the top – coolers, snack food, even the lady was coming along.   She was talking about Leatherstocking.  She says it’s one of her favorite places to go.

Babe and I knew:  HUNT TEST!”


Babe:  “It’s a long drive to Syracuse,NY and fortunately, we are very experienced – and pleasant! – travelers.  Jack always makes sure we have cozy straw and lots of water.  He makes stops for us to, well, you know…. He makes other stops, too, and then the lady comes back with cups and bags.  The truck smells really yummy when she does that.”


Mas:  “So as I was saying, we were going to Leatherstocking for a Hunt Test.  We were almost to the place where the people sleep in that big building when those things they talk into started making sounds.  Jack and the lady were both talking but they weren’t talking to each other. They seemed pretty upset.  I only had one question:  what’s a tornado?”


Babe:  “We got to the place where the people sleep and Jack went into the building.  He came right back out.  He and the lady took us to a place where we could, well, you know, and then put us back in the truck.  We drove for a long, long time again.”


Mas:  “When we got out of the truck, it was very dark and still raining and we were back at our house.  Did I mention it was very dark?  Even when we went into the house, Jack and the lady were using those light sticks with the fire on top.”


Jack:  “What Mas and Babe didn’t understand was that we lost the electric service to our home in a tornado.  We had friends who did a tremendous amount of work clearing trees just so we could get back to the house.  Other friends came through with generators, water and all the things we needed to get back on our feet.  But the dogs have more to say.”


Babe:  “Things have been pretty quiet for me.  I’m busy making puppies grow and that takes a lot out of a girl!  I have to get some gentle exercise, so Jack makes some little short blinds and marks for me to run.  He takes me to work with him if it’s not too hot, so I get some one-on-one time with him.”


Mas:  “Hey!  I get to go to work with Jack too!  It’s not all about you, Babe.  Well, maybe it is, right now.  Anyway, Jack has been helping me with some things that give me trouble on test days, like Sit to the Flush.  He says I’m making good improvement.”

Babe trying out her brand new whelping box. I think she likes it!

Babe:  “And about the puppies?  They should be here very soon.  I’ve gotten a round belly and it’s filled with wiggles.  Jack has built me a nice big bed to share with my puppies when they arrive.  The people seem pretty excited and a little nervous about all this.  There’s nothing to worry about.  Mama’s have been having puppies since, well, about forever and it’ll all be fine.  This week, Dr. Connie will give us an estimate on just how many puppies there are!  I’ll be sure to let you know.”