Lots going on!

Mas:  “We’ve had a busy few days around here.  The Katie and John kids were here and they brought another smaller version called Sarah.  I think it’s the human example of a puppy.  Nice enough, I guess, but if you’re a hunting lab, not all that interesting.

The Sunday training day at Sportman’s Association of Greensburg?  Now, that was an interesting day.  Jack only had one thing on his mind.  He’s determined that I will learn to sit to the flush.  He doesn’t seem to understand.  I already KNOW how to sit to the flush.  Sometimes, I just want the bird too much to wait!

This weekend, we’re going to a special event.  It’s the 20th anniversary of the Southwest PA Hunting Retrievers Club NAHRA test.  This year, it’s being held at Warrior’s Mark Wingshooting Lodge, near Tyrone, PA.  That’ll be my time – and I plan to sit to the flush……only because Jack, really, really wants me to.  I’ll let you know how it turns out, ok?”