The Lady:  “The puppies are getting older and bigger and it’s time to help Babe out a bit.  Tonight, we tried something new:  food!

After some research and a big assist from Michelle (Thank you!), we were ready to begin.  Jack had ordered feeding saucers.  We put some puppy chow in the blender and pulverized it, then added water to soften it.  A little bit of goat’s milk and a drop of Karo went into the blender to create a thin gruel….something about the texture of cream.

Babe went to hang out in the kitchen, in search of some ice cubes and Jack brought the saucer of gruel to the box.  A little nudge to a puppy was all it took!  Hope, the smallest of our girls, was into it in a big way, feet and all!  Soon, everyone was up for a taste or a roll.  Picture what it looks like when you give spaghetti to a one year old  – times 10 – and you’ll have the right idea.

When it was over, we washed the puppies down and when we put them back, they got a little more socializing time with John and Katie.  By then, Babe was ready to take care of her puppies again, and at last check, everyone was sound asleep.

The first solid feeding was a huge success!”