Warrior’s Mark

Training Day

Mas:  “Jack loaded up the truck, including the buggy.  The buggy always means fun is on the menu.  When the truck stopped, some of my best friends were there along with their humans.  Looks like a training day!

There was upland hunting, there were triples, there were blinds, and best of all, there were live birds.  Nothing makes a hunting Lab happier than the sweet aroma of chukars.  Too bad there were no decent gunners in the crowd today.  Still, the objective is that if the gunners can hit it, the dogs can find it.

Some of the finding was pretty challenging as well.  We worked in a small pond, deep enough to swim, but not too big.  There was lots of brush growing right up to the edge.  I remember Jack and the lady teaching me never to cut the bank.  And today, I worked hard to stay in straight lines.

The rest of the day was in brown and green grass.  Do you know what I mean?  The fields were planted in strips.  One strip, the grass was fresh and in the next, the grass was drying and brown.  Some dogs can handle the changes in cover, other dogs aren’t so crazy about it.

In the end, we had a good day in the field.  It won’t be long now until the real deal:  upland game comes into season starting September 1st.”