The Boys – July 2012

Babe:  “Everyone is growing and changing so quickly.  My puppies are opening their eyes now and soon, their ears will open as well.

Another new development:  the lady came home with collars for all the puppies.  It’s much simpler to identify my sons and daughters now.  My boys are Ron, Rock, Nick, Gauge, and Hawk.  My girls are Hope, Dash, Doll, Scotch and Bolt.  I know when they go to their new homes, they’ll probably get new names.  Right now, it’s time to show off my brood!”

The Girls – July 2012

Mas:  “Yesterday was a pretty busy day.  I helped Jack out.  He was working at the WC/WCX sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Labrador Retriever Club.  I wasn’t testing – no need – as those are titles I already hold.  Still, there’s always work to be done.

When the judges are setting up the test, they throw birds to see if they are falling the way they expect.  My job was to pick up those birds.  When the judges are happy with what’s happening, they have all the handlers come see what their dogs will have to do.  This is where I shine:  they throw the birds, I demonstrate my skills and the other handlers watch in awe.  Yep, I was pretty impressive.

And sometimes, a dog who is being tested just doesn’t want to go get a bird.  That doesn’t happen often, but when it does, that’s part of my job, too.  They call me “the pick up dog”.

Overall, any day that a hunting lab gets to pick up birds is a good day.”