Puppies first steps Click to see 9 second clip



Babe:  “Every mother is excited by the changes in her babies……I mean puppies.  Imagine the thrill I have watching my puppies learning to walk.  Most mothers know this is when things get interesting and they only have ONE baby to watch.  And those babies only have two legs.

Suddenly, there are TEN toddling puppies and 40 little feet moving around.  Their balance still leaves a lot to be desired so there’s a good bit of tumbling over.  Still, a mother has to let her babies, er, I mean puppies, grow up.  I keep a watchful eye on them, as you can see, but there’s no sense in being overprotective.  Someday soon, they’ll be hunting Labs – and that’s a pretty demanding job.

I’ll keep watching those changes and enjoy seeing them grow stronger every day.”