ICVSA Grounds

Demonstration Day

Mas:  “Today, Jack and I met a bunch of our dog and people friends from SWPAHRC at the ICVSA grounds.  We all went there to help out with their Youth Day.  There were lots of different stations set up for kids to try out different outdoor sportsman activities.  There was rifle shooting, shotgun shooting and, well, a bunch of other stations too.  Of course, I was there…..I mean WE were there….to show the kids what retrievers can do.

As each group of kids showed up with their adults, one of our people friends, usually Ray or Bubba, would tell the kids about what retrievers can do.  Then one of us dogs would show our stuff.  After the demonstration, several of us would line up along the shore.  Each of the kids took a turn throwing bumpers into the water and then handled us to retrieve it.

The kids all seemed to have fun with us and of course, we dogs had a blast too.  Any day people are throwing bumpers into the water is a good dog day.”


Babe:  “I had a good day today, too.  I couldn’t go along with Mas and Jack, so I stayed home with the lady and my puppies.  The lady had a surprise for me.

She had the kids.  I love the kids.  When they visit, they like to sit in my crate.  They give me bones.  Well, today, there were going to meet my puppies.

The lady was in charge.  She let the Katie kid sit in my box.  Once she was all settled and still, my puppies went to check on what she was.  The Katie kid made that sound that kids make.  The lady called her a giggler.

Then the lady got the John kid.  He liked patting my puppies on the head and pointing at them.  The John kid didn’t stay in my box too long.

The Katie kid stayed and waited while I fed my puppies.  She was very calm.  As my puppies finished eating, they would crawl to the Katie kid and climb on her.  She did that giggle thing some more.

I really like kids.  And it seems like my puppies do, too.”