SWPAHRC Training Night


Mas:  “Puppies, puppies, puppies.  I suppose they’re interesting if you like little and cute and soft and NOISY.  But it’s time to talk about what grown up Labrador’s do.

Tonight was a training night.  Jack and I went to meet up with Orrie, Painter, Kate and Stormin’ and the gang.  They all brought humans with them, too.  Jitterbug was there, too.  She’s really little.  .

The skill we were working on tonight was blinds.  Now, blinds are supposed to be tough.  We dogs have to trust our humans to direct us to the pile of  bumpers.  Then, we grab a bumper and head back to our humans.  There’s more you have to learn like whistles and hand signals.  Those are skills for the humans.

The dogs KNOW what to do:  find the bumpers!

I was, of course, brilliant.  Jack thinks that he helps.  The humans are crazy.  They insist that we swim in straight lines.  Don’t they know it’s faster to run along the bank?

About the puppies:  they’re growing.  There’s only one puppy who weighs less than a pound now.  Tomorrow, she should be over a pound as well.  She was pretty darned close tonight!

Did I mention that I was brilliant?”