Adjusting to Motherhood

Babe:  “I’m getting a handle on this mommy business.  My puppies are eating a little less often but a LOT more volume.  As of this evening, all my little boys are over a pound.  And my little girls are not far behind.  When their bellies are full, they fall fast asleep.  And when my puppies are asleep, I take a break.

This morning, the lady came to my room while my puppies were sleeping.  She took me out so I could, you know, and have a bit of a run.  When we came back in, I checked on my puppies and they were STILL sleeping.

The lady was doing her morning stuff.  She puts food in a red bag and then she cooks.  She likes when I stay right near her feet no matter where she moves.  I had to walk away for a minute to check my puppies and get a drink, but I came right back to be by her feet.

Sometimes, she stumbles.  I wonder why?”