First Food 4.18.14 B

5 puppies 4.18.14 video snapshotAll mothers know there comes a point when their babies need to start on some solid food.  Don’t misunderstand:  I know that what mama makes is best for babies.  There is also a point in their growth where they simply need more!
Today, Jack decided that it was time for my puppies to try something new.  He made them something to eat that looks a lot like the stuff the lady puts on pot roast.  Jack had to get something called goat’s milk to make it.  I’m not sure what a goat is, but I’m sure it doesn’t fly or I would have had the chance to hunt one in the field.
Anyway, Jack put their new food in the shiny dish and set it down for them.  You can see what they thought of it.  And you can see what happened to them after they had their fill.  That’s another thing most mothers can understand.  When your babies have full bellies, well, they sure do sleep well, don’t they?
5 puppies 4.18.14By the way, along with getting puppy food, Jack has opened up our box.  The puppies seem to catch on very quickly:  we sleep in the box.  We potty on the paper!