5 puppies 4.20.14Hi, everyone.  Mom said I could tell a story today.  She said something about needing a break.
My name is Duke.  My sister and brothers said I could talk first.  That’s not because I’m the pushy one – that would be Bob.  I am the biggest puppy, though.  Anyway, Mom says get to the story.
Today was a big day for all us puppies.  Jack and the lady carried us to someplace they call the truck and put us in a big box with straw in it.  They put Mom in a box right next to us and then the boxes all moved!  When they stopped, we were in a new place called Hogback.  There was a man there that Jack called Dave.  
And Dave likes puppies.  I know that because he laughed when I chewed on his shoelaces.  He also liked picking us up and giving us scratches.  
5 puppies with Dave 4.20.14Jack was busy doing stuff.  He went to the truck and got a thing that makes loud noises and goes BANG.  I don’t know what he was making BANG sounds at, but it didn’t matter to us.  We were busy playing in stuff called grass.  Mom looked around every time Jack made a BANG sound.  It seemed like she was expecting something when she heard the sound but she never ran away from us.
After we played in the grass stuff for a while, the lady laid down on the grass and called out, “puppy, puppy, puppies!”.  When we hear that, even when we are in our carpet box, we run toward whoever is calling that.  So we ran to the lady.  We knew she wanted us close by so we climbed on her and chewed on her hair.  
5 puppies with Mary Kay 4.20.14You know, all those new things, like the box of straw and the truck thing and grass and making new friends with Dave, all those things make a puppy kind of tired!  So Jack and Dave and the lady carried us back to the box of straw.  When the boxes stopped moving again, we were back at our house.  Jack took us out of the straw box and we followed Mom back to our room.  We took a long, long nap.  
It’s fun to be a puppy.  It can also make you tired.