5 puppies 4.24.14Hello.  My name is Grace.  The lady gave me that name because I’m a beautiful, elegant blonde.  And today, I’m helping mama by telling you about some changes around here.  The lady is working and we haven’t seen her since the day we had our outing.  Duke told you about that.
I guess when the lady isn’t here to keep Jack busy, he has time on his hands and he’s decided to make some changes for us.  So he took down one whole wall of our box!  Now, we can run around the whole room.  Let me tell you, if there’s something that puppies like to do, it’s run and play.  I want to make sure you know that Jack makes the room very, very safe for puppies.  And he has something called newspaper on the floor in one corner.  He says we should use the paper.  So we do!  We chew it and drag it all around the room.
I think Jack likes that.  He can gather it all up and it gives him something to do while the lady is away.
It’s also giving us another look at the world beyond our whelping box.  There’s a gate on our room that leads to a place where the lady makes things that smell delicious.  While she’s gone, Jack eats things out of a big white box with a light inside of it.
I miss the lady.  She likes to snuggle with us.  Don’t tell her, but we really love it when she does.