Duke 5.8.14 BHello.  Duke here.  Seems like things are getting a shake up here at Three Cedars Retrievers.  Yesterday, we had some visitors.  Now, these humans have been to our house before and they must like us a lot because they came back again!
This time, Jack and the lady took us all outside to play.  Even though it started to rain, the humans looked happy.  That was kind of surprising because you know how humans can be all fussy about getting wet.  It’s not like they’re puppies, right?
Well, we puppies all went down the steps and into the yard.  The humans were all standing in the grass pretty much doing nothing.  Humans can be pretty silly.  Anyway, we got into the grass and then the lady called puppy, puppy, puppies!  And started walking up and down the yard.  She knows we love it when she does that so we followed her.
Then, one of the big human puppies started walking in the yard, so we followed him, too!  The visiting humans took turns holding my brothers and sister and me and giving us the kind of cuddles and snuggles that the lady gives.  We all came  back into the house and the new humans played with us on the floor and kept asking which one?  Which one?
You see, these people were Todd and HIS lady.  And Todd and the lady have two big boy human puppies.  They were all very nice and clearly, very smart and perceptive.  Because before they left our house, they told me that I was going to be their puppy.
The lady seems to take good care of her big human puppies so I think she’ll love me very well, too.  I liked the human puppies.  Oh.  And Todd seems nice too.  He’s a lot like Jack.  
We still have to learn what my new name will be.  It seems that when you go to a new house, sometimes you get a new name too.  My new humans will give me a nice name.  I just know it!