The Dog Blog

Babe:  Today is a big day in the life of a yellow lab.  Yesterday marked the last day of deer season in our part of the world.  When you’re a yellow lab, you don’t get much freedom to run during deer season.  Mistakes can be made, after all.  The lady says she’s going to spray DOG on my side in orange paint, but she never does.  I think Jack won’t let her.  It really doesn’t matter now:  all that matters is that we can RUN again.

Jack took Mas and me to Wood Crest Point today to hunt some pheasants with Jock and his human.  Two of my puppies, Dash and Ron, came along too. We had a bad weather day and a great hunting day.  It was a rainy morning, so there was plenty of mud for us to play…, I mean, WORK  in.  Yeah.  Work.

Mas hunted first, in some fields that hadn’t been stocked.  He really just needed to run after two weeks off.  And he was successful in getting birds up.  Now, if only the shooters would have hit them.

Then Jock and Ron went out to hunt.  They moved to some fields that had been stocked.  The dogs were pushing lots of birds in the air and the shooters found their targets.  Next, it was MY turn.  I picked up two crippled birds and did my usual outstanding job flushing:  I put up 6 birds and the shooters bagged all of them.

I went back to the truck.  Jack got Mas and Dash and Jock came back out, too!  Lots more birds got flushed now, with three dogs in the field.

My puppies are getting better in the field every day.  Today, Ron got an “assist” on a flush.  Jock trailed a bird that ran around him, straight into Ron!  Dash ran lots and covered a great deal of territory.  What’s really good about those two puppies is how well they listen to Jack.  When he calls, they come running!  Good puppies.

They still need lots of training table time, I know, but every day in the field is a good one.  When the puppies get to run with their daddy or me, they see what they have to learn.  Like all good parents, we’re trying to teach by example!