Where’s the water?
Gauge: There’s fun stuff going on around here if you’re a puppy. Do you know that puppies lose their teeth? Well, mine are starting to come out and Jack says that I’m getting my big dog teeth now. That means it’s time to learn some new skills.
We used to go to the training table outside. Now, Jack moved the table into the barn where we can spend time even if it’s dark outside! That means more table time with Jack. He likes to take us to the training table a couple of times every day, but he doesn’t keep us there long. We run up the ramp and he clips us to the line and when he calls us, we run to him.

Then, after a couple of runs, Jack asks us to sit. Then he puts his phone down. After a little while, the phone beeps and he tells us we’re good dogs.

Jack:  What Gauge is talking about here is a timed sit. The puppies are currently sitting for 4 minutes without supervision or reminders.
Gauge:  Jack also throws bumpers and dowels for us to pick up and bring to him. Today, he did something new! Today, in the sunshine, instead of going to the training table, we went up in the yard. There was something new there that Jack called The Boat.
He got into The Boat and sat down. Then he called me to get into the boat. I sat on the seat with him, but that didn’t seem quite right. He wanted me to sit on the bottom of the boat. We got in and out a few times, and once I understood, I sat on the bottom of the boat. Sometimes, he had me move from the front of the boat to the back of the boat.
I think I’m going to like the boat.