3CR – Training Table

Tess:  It’s time for me to talk about myself a little bit.  Jack has been very proud of me lately.  You know, we’ve started working on the training table.  I run up the ramp and Jack hooks me to the cable and the game is on!  I run up and down the table a few times when he tells me to and it makes him happy when I listen.  He tells me I’m a good girl and he rubs my ears.

Lately, it’s gotten even better.  See, he throws things to the far end of the table and then he says my name.  When I hear TESS, I know it’s time for me to go get it!  All the puppies can do that.  Here’s where I’m the standout.  There’s another thing we all have to learn and Jack says I’m the first one to get it.

When we pick up the stick and bring it back, we have to sit nicely.  And we have to hold on to the stick until Jack says the magic word:   OUT.  When he says that, all I have to do is let him take the stick.  It’s not hard to do, it’s not hard at all.  You just have to listen to what he says.

So far, I’m the only one who listens that well.

I’m a special girl, you know